Now more than ever there is a need for well-managed transitional care at home to provide transparent, timely and proactive communication with a patient’s entire care team. Fortunately, Golden Heart Senior Care – Rochester Hills already has the systems and software in place and is meeting the demand for high-quality transitional care. 

Golden Heart specializes in non-medical, home care services for people with complex medical and long term care needs.  Working with each client’s healthcare team, we develop a customized Care Plan to manage risks, optimize recovery and deter the progression of degenerative conditions. picture1

Golden Heart’s encrypted and HIPAA compliant SMARTCare technology is what sets us apart!  SMARTCare automatically alerts, connects and updates all relevant stakeholders when a health-threat occurs.  It also informs case management about post-discharge appointments and outcomes, changes in condition, adjustments to medication, etc. Through this technology and a staff of experienced Caregivers – we can help prevent post-acute care episodes. 

Our extraordinary Caregivers are the front line of defense, providing one-on-one preventative care.  When they suspect a client is at risk, they alert our Client Care Manager who immediately notifies the care team so that interventions can quickly be put into place. Notifications are made through personal phone calls, as well as through our SMARTCare system.

Providing care in Oakland & Macomb counties, Golden Heart offers 24/7 service. We stand by our mantra – “It’s All About You!” – when it comes to keeping a client safe in our care, protecting their dignity, and treating them with respect.24/7 Home Care

We welcome your phone call to talk about how Golden Heart Senior Care can ensure a safe and smooth transition home for your loved one. Please contact us at (248) 469-0021.  


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