Message from Mary Quarles, Client Care ManagerMary Quarles, Client Care Manager, Transitional Care

Transitional Care:

If you are being discharged from the hospital or rehab, we work in cooperation with you, your family and your medical team to coordinate, manage and monitor your recovery process at home.

Our experienced Caregivers put your needs first with one-on-one, compassionate care. We consult with you and your medical team to provide planned care services designed to speed up your recovery and prevent recurring illness.

Our SmartCare Technology provides customized management of your personal care needs and medical appointments. It also ensures real-time communication with your medical professionals in the event that you have an emergency or changing care needs.

Your Care Plan and Schedule of Services are developed to manage health risks for you, optimize your recovery, deter the progression of medical conditions, and to stimulate your quality of life choices.

Golden Heart is here to partner with you, your family and your entire health care team to help you enjoy optimum health and an independent lifestyle in the comfort of your own home!